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Multiple Tooth Implants
Forty Fort, PA

computer rendering of a mouth with multiple tooth implants from Dr. Musto Periodontics & Dental Implants in Forty Fort, PAMultiple tooth implants have helped people restore lost confidence with natural smiles. Implanting multiple teeth restores both the function and the beauty of your smile. This procedure helps those patients who have lost one or more teeth. Apart from preventing jawbone atrophy, this advanced dental treatment is also helpful in restoring normal jaw function by improving biting and chewing abilities. Get in touch with us at Dr. Musto Periodontics & Dental Implants to schedule an appointment. Experienced, highly personalized dental care is available at our office.

Why Multiple Tooth Implants?

Multiple tooth implants come with numerous benefits to both your oral hygiene and your health. If properly placed, under the supervision of our professional dental team, implants can help restore natural smiles, beauty, and oral health. Multiple tooth implants are one of the most stable restorative solutions available to dental professionals. They can restrict dental bridges from moving out of place and also maintain proper facial structure, preventing jawbone degeneration and tooth loss.

Multiple Tooth Implants and the Process

During the initial stages of treatment, jawbone recession screenings are performed by our trained staff to properly assess the patient and offer treatment options. If deemed necessary, bone grafting may be included in the procedure. Local anesthesia or sedation is required for patients to be comfortable during the surgical procedure. Multiple implant posts are embedded into the jawbone to serve as anchor points. The number of posts depends on the patient’s number of missing or damaged teeth. In the case of multiple missing teeth, two implants are placed to support the dental bridge.

It takes time for the bone tissue to fuse with the placed dental implant. Temporary restorations are fitted after an
implant is placed into the jawbone. The permanent restorations are manufactured and placed after a few months.
In some cases, immediate restoration may be required. To facilitate this, our dental professionals perform bone and platelet grafting following tooth extraction. This advanced treatment is one of the best restorative dentistry has to offer. A dental implant can make a huge difference in your confidence and self-esteem.

Are You the Right Candidate for Multiple Tooth Implants?

For those patients who have lost two or more adjacent teeth, multiple tooth implants are an ideal dental treatment option. It is a permanent solution, one which provides the patient with proper tooth alignment for a lasting smile.

Candidates who have sufficient jawbone density for supporting posts can easily opt for multiple tooth implants. However, jawbone recession is a common occurrence in advanced gum disease which typically means dental professionals will recommend a bone grafting procedure before implant placement to bolster supportive bone density in the mandible.
It should be noted an ideal candidate should have healthy teeth and gums for dental implants. If the patient has periodontal disease the overall success rate is lowered.

Dental implants promise a high level of success and satisfaction when placed by our professional team. Help keep your mouth healthy and intact, and boost your confidence with multiple dental implants to help with normal jaw function and a proper smile. Call Dr. Musto Periodontics & Dental Implants at (570) 338-5757 to determine your best dental treatment plan and to schedule an appointment.

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